Active methodologies for engineering education through the Playful.


GEIO is a research group of the Faculty of Engineering of the Technological University of Pereira. His scientific work is to develop methodologies and recreational applications to facilitate learning of concepts of operations research and engineering in general, and to spread their ideas by scientists and university channels national and international order, changing the culture of teaching .

The methodology proposed by the group through their playful workshops, emphasizes the use of play as an innovative tool for teaching concepts related to engineering. The workshops consist in creating microcosms that simulate real work scenarios fairly simple tools. Constructivism is the cornerstone of their teaching-learning techniques and the great advantage this offers is that the participant VE concept, experience it, appropriate it, identify problems, propose solutions, applications, and most likely the fed remember it more easily.

In each play activity developed by GEIO, participants have the opportunity to belong and participate in an interdisciplinary team, which recreate scenarios in which people can learn, acquire and apply their skills as leaders, communicators, creators, thus enrich their personal and professional.


Carlos Mauricio Zuluaga Ramirez.

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