Dassault Systèmes workshop on Sept 26th  Thursday

Name of the workshop: Secret of Digital Natives

Justification and features: All over the world, educators implement breakthrough educational innovations. What do their students think? Dassault Systèmes has invited several students from Colombia to share their innovative experiences of Product Lifecycle Management projects.

Name of the coordinator: Charles Bonnassieux

Time: Sept 26th 10h30 – 12h  


Dassault Systèmes special session on Sept 26th  Thursday

Name of the workshop: How Dassault Systèmes helps Educational Innovation, internationalization and multi-disciplinary learning.

Justification and features: A new generation of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is transforming daily practices of engineers in many industrial sectors. Dassault Systèmes as the world leader in PLM has worked with various educational institutions across the planet to establish new learning activities in curricula that reflect up-to-date industry methodologies. This session offers a global panorama of such innovations and provides practical details about implementing the new practices and technology in Latin American institutions.

Name of the Coordinators: Xavier Fouger, Charles Bonnassieux

Time: Sept 26th 14h30 – 17h30

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