Convention Center Cartagena de Indias

Located XXX against the ridge of the martyrs and steps from the Clock Tower, one of the most representative and known landmarks of the city.

Year after year the convention center receives more than 300 events including governmental summits, congresses, conferences, fairs, exhibitions and shows a wide variety of audiences and sizes.

The site, designed and built specifically to accommodate conferences and conventions, large meetings and simultaneous academic sessions, also has a technology platform and information that meets the demands of events like ICANN 39, Andina Link and the Sixth Summit of the Americas, thus confirming the scope of their services.


Cartagena de Indias

Cartagena has a fascinating architectural mix and variety. Military structures, such as walls, bastions and fortresses, you can see next to a well-preserved colonial and republican city. The walls can be toured in its entire length and do not surprise to find loving couples watching the sunset from where the guns were fired before.

Cartagena has churches in the historic center and in Cerro de la Popa (Popa Hill) contributing to relive the epic stories of Saints. We also recommend a visit to the Fort of San Felipe de Barajas, protector of the city and the architect of the most heroic defenses of Cartagena. Meet the pre-Hispanic culture in the Gold Museum; seek for Cartagena artists at the Museum of Modern Art; learn about witchcraft in the Historical and Inquisition Museum; see president Rafael Núñez’ house, and feel overwhelmed by the beauty of Adopfo Mejía Theater.

On the streets of Cartagena feel the aromas brought to this land by the Spanish, the American Indians and the African, producing a remarkable fusion of flavors.

Enjoy native and popular taste, try a refreshing fruit platter served by a smiling Palenquera or go to Portal de los Dulces (Sweets Doorway) and seduce your palate with delicious recipes made from fruits. If you like fried food take delight from the most typical: the arepa de huevo(egg arepa), the carimañola or the beans buñuelito, along with a good spicy hot suero (sour cream) and a cold Kola Román.

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